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It all started when Dave Daily experimented in making a GRAVity bong made out of glass. In 2004, he created and released the GRAVitron, the first commercially produced glass GRAVity bong.
The bottom chamber contains a traditional diffused downstem and beaker or straight tube backside. Where the magic actually occurs is in the high chamber of these items. The distinctive formed chamber contains small dimple like marks precisely placed to spin your smoke to chill it down earlier than getting into your lungs. You will really have the ability to watch your smoke spin within the high chamber earlier than passing into the flared mouthpiece and ultimately into your lungs.
Still, nothing beats the traditional, and the Upright Thick Glass Bubbler with Showerhead Perc Downstem is considered one of their bestsellers. Standing 7” tall, it could accommodate 2” of water for smooth, powerful hits. You can use it for a quick solo session, and the small bowl might help you preserve your flower. Just like dankstop reclaim catcher , this one hits exhausting such as you simply ripped a 14” bong. One of the favored GRAV Labs pipes is their Hammer Pipe designed by Stephan and Micah.
That’s why we’re offering a listing of the most effective bong manufacturers that each glass enthusiasts and enthusiastic newcomers ought to learn about in 2020. Whether you are in search of a primary setup or some high-high quality smokable glass art, these are the brands most probably to compliment your flower-combusting experience.

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This collection is a collaboration with Grav Labs and cannabis entrepreneur Jane West. The collection features beautiful all blue glass items starting from beaker bongs to conventional steamroller glass pipes. All of the pieces on this collection are made with high-high quality materials and heavy glass tubing. The heaviness of the glass helps to maintain the items sitting sturdily in your table or countertop and comfortably in your hand.

The shape and design of the mouthpiece be sure that you get the smoothest of attracts permitting you to keep momentum excessive whereas enjoying a nice conversation along with your buddies and friends. Grav Labs specializes in crafting high quality scientific glass pipes and accessories that span a wide range of styles. Whether you are trying to find something with a singular and colorful design, or your aim is to find a piece that favors perform over type, Grav Labs has one thing for you.
This Grav Labs Glass Blunt is made out of warmth resistant, scientific borosilicate glass, making it extraordinarily robust and durable. This Glass Blunt also comes geared up with a sliding function which helps to ensure that the consumer all the time has the desired amount of smoking dried products within the tube always. Grav Labs have ensured that when you’re holding this Glass blunt, you are holding a ten.5cm long glass pipe with a highly useful glass mouthpiece.
I did go to a local store yesterday which I havent been to in years which used to have alot extra top quality scientific glass. I shall be going to the opposite native store inside the next week or so which I know carries a a lot bigger choice of top of the range name brand glass. I agree with PHX and Illadelph being slightly overpriced which is why I was pulling in direction of the grav labs. Author Bio

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https://www.kimkardashianwest.comI was underneath the impression that grav labs was made in Texas though. And as far as the SGW waffle percs I actually have seemed into them and they’re nice however a waffle perc is totally different than a honeycomb perc which is what I am finally in search of.
If you are in search of a piece from Grav Labs the SmokeSmith Gear online headshop has what you want. Grav Labs puts these qualities into each single piece they produce.
The GRAV Large Upline Glass Bong is a lovingly crafted glass piece by the Great Micah Evans, that includes a multi-chamber and a ladder perc for optimum filtration. You should be 21 years or older to browse this website and purchase merchandise. This Glass Blunt is super low upkeep and is very easy to clean and hold clear. It is a lot simpler in comparison to awkwardly fiddling about with papers and roaches and then having to scrub up the mess once the rolling process is finished.
Marijuana and cannabis are unlawful under federal regulation.There are variations in legal guidelines from one state and locality to another and it’s the shopper’s duty to be aware. The merchandise sold by SmokeSmith Gear are not supposed for use with marijuana, cannabis, weed, pot, dope or any derivatives thereof. All products meant to be used with legal smoking/vaping mixtures solely. Not too big to journey with, Love the clear glass version, a beautiful simple piece that features because it ought to. This beautiful piece—made in collaboration with Grav Labs and OG Jane West, is feast for the eyes and an ergonomic feat.
Customize your scientific bong or oil rig by adding an upgraded downstem, diffused ash catcher or a heady worked bong slide. Aqua Lab carries quite a lot of subtle Scientific Glass bongs, beakers and dab rigs from prime American glass corporations corresponding to Antidote Glass, RooR, Zob Glass and Leisure. Shop for top-high quality, low value pipes, bongs and bubblers in all manufacturers and designs at Flower Power Packages. Let F.P.P be your go to retailer for Grav Labs product strains of specialty glassware corresponding to dab rigs, recyclers & more!
Grav Labs manufactures pieces that service the overwhelming majority of cannabis people who smoke. They do not restrict themselves, because their purpose is to be the primary supplier for scientific glass in the authorized cannabis trade. If you’re in search of unique scientific glassware with fashionable innovation and elegance, GRAV is a superb brand to go to. Sophisticated, practical and sturdy, you’ll never go mistaken with getting a GRAV glass piece.

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It’s received a pleasant good-sized bowl that lets you pack a one-hitter or for sharing. It matches right in your hand, and the angled base makes it stable on any flat surface. GRAV continues to make improvements with their design even after the GRAV Labs Gravity Bong. One is the Upline bong that has a ladder perc that is good for many who like to pull hard on their water pipe. With a limited water chamber, you get the total flavor of your herbs with out the harsh dryness that you’re going to get from a joint or dry pipe.


GRAV Glass Octobowl Screen Slides are a well-liked, highly useful and affordable alternative bong bowl for any water pipe with a feminine joint. Each cup style flower bowl includes a mounted eight-point daisy display which will increase airflow to your bud and prevents your bowl from clogging. The Octobowls had been designed in Texas by Dave Daily and are made from quality glass. GRAV Labs or GRAV, as they’re now called is among the pioneers and leaders in glass pipes. Since the launch of their flagship the Gravitron, the company has made a reputation for itself for making high-high quality scientific glass pieces.
With lavatech female domeless titanium nail of mairjuana legalization and an ever-growing vary of products in the marketplace, there have by no means been extra methods to devour hashish. But that’s hardly a sign that the OG strategies are chucking up the sponge. That was my primary selection when I was under the impression it was US glass and US made, but now I even have been informed they use China glass now which is not as high quality. I even have additionally discovered an Manifest Glassworks piece that I like alot greater than the GravLabs.
They have even done some collaborations with celebrities and influential individuals within the business. Grav Labs is continuously innovating and producing new and distinctive smoking pieces for everybody to enjoy. Unless you’ve been dwelling beneath a rock for the previous few years you have in all probability heard of the glass brand Grav Labs.
Grav Labs has designed a number of the well known names within the glass business. Grav Labs prides themselves in stylish, inexpensive, prime quality, functional glass. You have several designs to choose from like this conical 10mm Female Fixed Downstem Perc Pocket Bubbler that measures four”. It’s the right measurement for travelers and your ideal companion for on-the-go smoking sessions. Another bestseller is their thick, traditional spoon that’s sufficiently small to hold with you anywhere.
Nice and strong, this bowl is simple to smoke and cleanup is a breeze. A little heavy, however not an excessive amount of that it’ll unbalance your bong. At 6.5” tall, it sits perfectly on the table without occupying an excessive amount of space. It’s handy to use, and the thick boro glass makes it super sturdy.
Get your bong, dab rig, or hand pipe now by shopping via our store earlier than they go out of stock. Their lovely but simplistic designs are a testomony of “less is extra”. DankGeek is proud to be a certified retailer of their lovely, practical, & inexpensive glass. Grav Labs is an Austin based mostly Glass manufacturer began in 2004 with a 1 product, The Gravitron. It’s recognized for the prime quality scientific glass items, providing a plethora of kinds like Stax,Turbine, Upline, Helix and water pipes.
I utterly agree, the second video the perc can actually be used to its full potential. The look isnt really a main cause for looking for a honeycomb perc, its because of the benefit of cleansing.

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Borosilicate glass is a lot more warmth resistant than different forms of glass, which makes it so much much less prone to fracture or crack from thermal shock. The Grav Labs Slush Cup is a extremely functional water pipes characteristic a four hole diffused downstem and straw mouthpiece coloured in Blue.

  • The clean, clear look of Scientific Glass often includes a laboratory type design with added diffusion from a detachable percolator or mounted water chamber diffuser.
  • Often manufacturing pieces, Scientific Glass makes for a great day by day driver.
  • Scientific Glass bongs, water pipes, and dab rigs offer quality craftsmanship, high function, and basic fashion.
  • Aqua Lab carries a wide range of diffused Scientific Glass bongs, beakers and dab rigs from prime American glass corporations corresponding to Antidote Glass, RooR, Zob Glass and Leisure.

The design and feel is simply amazing, it feels good in the palm of your hand. Grav Labs takes scientific glass to a different stage with every hand pipe, bubbler, or bong they create. This manufacturer turns glass into an artwork, very the kind pen 510 thread variable voltage battery like its heady glass counterparts. The unparalleled functionality of each of their pieces transforms and turns into the form that’s wanted by glass artists the world over. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to be an official retailer of the Grav Labs product line.

Grav Bongs

For veteran people who smoke, Grav Labs delves into extra complex glass with their Helix and Upline lines. Each of them presents smokers more elaborate ways to enjoy authorized cannabis. The Upline Basic Bubbler revolutionizes the bubbler experience, using filtration rings to make each hit the most effective it may be. If you wish to turn it up a notch, Grav Labs’ Helix line makes use of cool air injection through clever design in order to take smoking sessions to a complete new level.

Grav® Large Clear Glass Hammer Bubbler

Scientific Glass bongs, water pipes, and dab rigs supply high quality craftsmanship, excessive perform, and traditional type. The clear, clear look of Scientific Glass usually includes a laboratory type design with added diffusion from a detachable percolator or fastened water chamber diffuser. Often manufacturing pieces, Scientific Glass makes for a great daily driver.
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The Helix Beaker Bong is only one of many examples GRAV Labs’ progressive helix designs. In addition the Grav Labs collaboration with Jane West provide smokers a possibility to buy greater end luxury yocan hive 2 0 vaporizer bongs, pipes and steamrollers. Classic glass pieces just like the Saxophone Sherlock Pipe or the 3″ Basic Bubbler provide a place to begin for newcomers and an outlet for reasonably priced, simple pipes.
I have heard good and dangerous things about the quality of the HiSi glass, but to me they look thick and I do like the final look of them. I simply feel like 3 bell percs is a bit overkill and should have a ton of drag, so for 270 on the top of my value range Id be taking a danger being happy with it. We concentrate on scientific glassware created from thick borosilicate glass for a clean, clean smoking experience. Founded in 2004, Grav Labs is located in Austin, Texas, with about 30 glass blowers to supply high quality scientific glass.
Aside from glass design and manufacturing, GRAV also maintains essentially the most subtle R&D and analytics department in the trade. Glass City Pipes is pleased to be a certified re-vendor of Grav Labs products and we’re here to assist with any questions.
It’s got a well-balanced design with a No-Ash mouthpiece to maintain you from inhaling particles with every hit. It’s also straightforward to scrub which makes it total a extremely pretty glass piece.
Grab Labs is also known for a lot of of their basic spoon pipes and steamrollers. Spoon pipes and steamrollers are very popular as a result of they are easy to use and do not require water to operate. Grav Labs steamrollers function unique inbuilt ash catchers within the mouthpiece to forestall ash from getting into your mouth, in contrast to most conventional glass pipes. All steamrollers function glass ft so the piece sits safely when not in use. Steamrollers will provide you with big highly effective hits even when utilizing a just a little bit of dry herbs.
Whether you want a glass blunt for when you are on the go, otherwise you want a big glass bong with heavy diffusion for at house use, GRAV has you lined. All GRAV Glass is made with prime quality materials and goes via quality control inspection to ensure you get one of the best! They have a glass piece for everyone and every budget whether or not you might be smoking dry herbs or concentrates, Grav Labs has you covered.

I actually have hit these quite a bit, and for a non percolated bong they’re fairly clean in addition to being good quality thick glass. I just think that for 280 for a straight tube no perc I might get extra for my cash. Engineered for max operate, scientific glass are geared up with elaborate percolators to diffuse and filter your smoke.

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In case you did not know, GRAV Labs operates a number of product strains of specialty scientific glassware corresponding to Helix, Stax, Upline, and the original Gravitron. There are only a few glass manufacturing companies that may examine to Grav Labs by way of notoriety. Formed in 2004, Grav Labs is likely one of the most well recognizable manufacturers for glass bongs, bubblers, dab rigs and hand pipes.
The absolute last perc I would ever purchase can be a tree perc simply because of cleansing it. The SGW piece does look nice, nevertheless they do not have straight tubes in my value range. long glass pipe that delivers the sleek nucleus bent neck tubular incycler hits you’d expect from a water pipe in a palm-sized, hammer bubbler design. If you want to add a bit of sophistication to your bong, the GRAV Arcline Bowl by Stephan Pierce is a good accent to add to your bong.


For the last decade, GRAV has been leading the trade in distinctive affordable glass bongs, rigs, and equipment with their giant array of designs. Some of their specialty lines embrace dankstop rasta colored bubbler the Helix, Ionix, Circuit, Android, and Upline. With so many options you’re certain to search out one thing you like from GRAV.
Along with revolutionary percs, scientific glass supplies easy, confirmed designs that ship highly-filtered hits and a sturdy presence on the table. modular, “construct-your-own” bong line with a wide variety of mouthpieces, percs, bases, and different equipment with which to customize your new water pipe. I even have found them and personally they may be some of my favorite wanting bongs I have found so far. Between the logo and likewise the truth that they take a traditional straight tube and alter the stemless part barely that they appear actually appealing. I am wanting up reviews and videos now of them, however I just wanted to substantiate that they’re american boro and american made.
With these merchandise you just fill your bong with it and let it sit overnight, then just rinse it out the subsequent morning. If you could have any recommendations for a straight tube with a single waffle perc I would love to hear the recommendations. If you could have any ideas for a straight tube with a single honeycomb perc I would love to hear the recommendations. I gave my reasons for possibly wanting them, so Id like to listen to your expertise directly with them. Also when you have expertise with the model not the particular piece I even have talked about and wish to reccomend that it would be highly appreciated.
You are responsible to know the legal guidelines and rules in your space. We usually are not liable for any mishandling or unlawful use of our products. Sales on glass are final until particularly excluded in our return policy. Browse hundreds of the most well liked merchandise at one of the best worth multi function location. dichroic glass — a glass that modifications colors depending on lighting conditions — into many of its pieces.
Spurred on together with his success, Dave bought a set of glassblowing gear to create even more water pipes. From then on, GRAV makes use of thick borosilicate glass that is high-high quality and medical-grade in all of their merchandise aside from a few quartz pieces. Specializing in a streamlined collection of enormous, heavy-responsibility bongs with large bases , Roor additionally presents a Roortech line of bongs with slightly extra complicated percolation methods. Roor bongs are costly, but the details in percolation equipment and glass density quantity to a clean, exceptionally easy pull from each bong. The model additionally attaches an authentication code to every piece to distinguish original Roor pieces from their imitators.

All Jane West items characteristic the white Jane West emblem and embrace an identical blue glass bowl. One of Grav Labs hottest and distinctive glass collections is the Helix Line which features modern know-how dankstop white turquoise stone pipe to actually enhance your smoking experience. Helix by Grav Labs contains a unique form and design not traditionally seen on most water pipes.

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From reviews and movies it appears to have virtually no drag and other people have noted how smooth the hits are. Simple Green or Grunge Off makes cleaning so much easier than earlier than. I’ve solely used grunge off however simple inexperienced could be very in style and I’ll in all probability strive it after I run out of grunge off as a result of it’s cheaper.

New Product Line: Jane West Collection

Grav Labs is based in Austin Texas and has been round since 2004. They have been making extremely useful and distinctive glass pieces for years and at the moment are some of the nicely-known manufacturers within the trade. Grav Lab makes traditional beaker bongs and straight tubes with added upgrades in addition to some uniquely designed items you won’t have seen or heard of. All Grav Labs pieces feature their iconic brand and plenty of are available in all clear glass or with colored accents. Grav Labs lately launched a brand new line of products known as the Jane West Collection.
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